Dog Training Reviews

Here is what my clients have to say..

Sara Z

Los Angeles, CA
If you are looking for a trainer with a great technique and methodology that not only works but can be healthy, stimulating and fun at the same time, don't look any further, Teka is the best trainer you can find. She has been going above and beyond to help me and my parents train two 5 months old Doxie/Cavalier mix puppies. Having one puppy is difficult, imagine having two hard headed, stubborn but cute puppies. My parents were at the point of giving up on them especially with house breaking and them chewing the carpets and the furnitures. Teka was a life saver, with her help and guidance as well as being always available to answer any questions, we have achieved the impossible and my parents are finally happy. She is very knowledgeable, passionate and loving, and by combining both obedience and behavioral training she finds the best way to help you.

I would definitely recommend her to everyone.

Thank you so much Teka, greatly appreciate everything you have done for us.

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Oliver N

Agoura Hills, CA
Teka was AWESOME. I can not say enough good things. The price point is expensive for the initial session. But so is Mastro's steakhouse and you get the best steak. Teka is truly the best of the best. By the way, we booked her for a 2 hour session for her initial training session and she ended up staying for 3 hours with no mention of the time and of course knowing Teka, no upcharge of any kind. She allows you to text her after the sessions to ask any kind of questions. My golden retriever puppy is on the right track now behavior wise thanks to Teka. She really caters to your life and how you're able to parent a puppy within your means. I have no more words to explain it, other than if you need a trainer you don't need to look anywhere else.

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Lisa P

Los Angeles, CA
Teka is truly the MOST OUTSTANDING dog trainer ever! Teka has worked with our family with 3 different dogs over the years and has been unbelievably helpful in training each of our dogs and more importantly, teaching us how to understand and communicate with our dogs. We had a golden retriever who was possessive with his toys and bones and was aggressive with other dogs if they tried to take his toys or bones away. We were bringing a new puppy into our family and we were concerned about having our golden near the puppy when toys and bones were in the room. After one session, Teka completely cured our golden's aggression and our golden and the puppy became best friends and seamlessly shared all of their toys and bones. Teka truly understands dog behavior and she has helped us numerous times over the years. I HIGHLY recommend Teka, there is no better trainer. She is time and money well spent!

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Amy B

Santa Monica, CA
I simply cannot say enough good things about Teka -- not only is she acutely attuned to dogs' emotions/actions/behaviors, but she's an absolute gem of a human being. When our 9 month old rescue started exhibiting some troubling behaviors that we weren't equipped to handle as first time dog owners, our neighbors referred us to Teka. They'd worked closely with her on their own dog's extreme leash reactivity and dog aggression, and raved about her.

She came to our house and observed us interact with our dog, Indy, and watched his behavior. It was like watching a true dog whisperer, and I took copious notes of everything she was saying. She helped reassure us that our dog wasn't actually aggressive...he was just testing some boundaries and we were giving way too much leeway. Basically letting him run the show! We left the first session feeling empowered, hopeful, and excited about our newfound knowledge of dog behavior. A few months later we set up another session as a refresher, as he was entering adolescence and some new bad behaviors were cropping up.

Since then, we channel Teka on nearly every walk! We've had a few different friends watch our dog when we're out of town and everyone always comments on how well he does on walks -- no pulling, sits at stop lights, crosses behind them, checks in. Can't thank Teka enough for her tips and tricks! And she's just a delight to work with. :)

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Jill Y

North Hollywood
Teka is AMAZING! She transformed my dog (and me)! I'm the grandmother of a 70 pound pit-shepherd mix who had begun lunging at elderly neighbors, growling at babies and barking non-stop at cherished friends. Two hours into my session the dog was sitting quietly in my hall as we sat in the living room chatting about the canine mind. Perhaps it’s her background in human psychology that makes her approach so original. Teka, is simply delightful, funny, and so obviously a seasoned master of her profession. I felt genuinely uplifted by our session.

Bell H

Los Angeles
Her expertise in dog behavior surpasses almost any trainer I know and she has an incredible ability to connect with people so that they can become better handlers. From separation anxiety, dog aggression, food aggression, leash walking issues, pack dynamics... even working with blind or deaf dogs, Teka's skills are remarkable.

Anne F

Los Angeles
Lifesaver!! Two days before we found Teka, I was in tears and desperately afraid we were going to have to give up our new rescue, for the safety of our other dogs. Teka came right away.
Within 2 hours, everything changed. She taught us so much valuable information that literally changed our lives.

Jeff P

Los Angeles
We have sent NUMEROUS dogs to Teka for training and ALL have changed for the better - RIGHT AWAY. Why? Because Teka immediately & instinctively identifies the issue, and while she hones in on the resolution, she is also brilliantly educating the humans involved.

Michelle W

Teka is amazing. We have used her services with three different dogs. Within 2 hours she taught us tips and tricks that have changed our relationship with our dogs.

Eva B

Los Angeles
I highly recommend Teka to anyone needing a dog trainer. Dealing with three chihuahuas is hectic enough and introducing a new one is very hard. She came and first taught me and my family how dogs think. Within a week they all became best of friends. Honestly, we could have never done this without her help. Thank you Teka for making our life easier.

Mavis B

Los Angeles
Teka is extremely effective as a trainer. We had been through an 8 week training class with a highly regarded and expensive trainer before trying Teka. I am so glad we did. She speaks dog's body language and translates that to the humans.