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Hi My Name is Teka

Private, In-Your-Home Sessions

I’m a Brazilian born animal behaviorist and member of APDT who has been offering private dog behavior training throughout greater Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley for over 30 years.

My sessions answer frustrated pet owners most frequently asked questions like:

“My dog gets out of control when people walk into my house. How can I make my dog calm down?”
“What is the proper way to house train a puppy?”
“My dog growls when we ask him to leave the couch. How can I get him off without getting bitten?”
“How do I stop dog anxiety?”
“How do I stop my dog from pulling on a leash?”
“How do I avoid a dog park fight?”
“How do I stop my dog from jumping on people?”

Teka is our go to trainer whenever we have a problematic dog or new pet owner looking for help.

Lang Foundation

There is no need for training packages and I don’t charge per dog. Usually in just one or two sessions I’ll give you the tools to prevent separation anxiety in dogs, learn puppy potty training, how to train your puppy not to bite, how to control leash aggression, stop jumping, how to prevent dog aggression, food aggression and, of course, we’ll cover basic obedience training as well .

My goal is to train YOU, not just your dog. I work with any breed, including all Bully Breeds, especially Pit Bull training. As my reviews demonstrate, my sessions provide some of the best dog training in Los Angeles.
Thanks to Teka, our baby Boba has grown into the most lovely, well mannered, and absolutely joyous boy. He loves his time with Teka, and we love her too :)

Kunal Nayyar

Through countless hours of personal experience and literally thousands of satisfied clients, I have discovered that the missing link between human and animal communication is a lack of emotional and psychological understanding. Simply put, people just don’t know how to handle their pet’s emotions and often end up rewarding the very behavior they are trying to change because they don’t understand how their pet’s mind works.
We have found Teka to be an exceptionally intuitive and brilliant dog whisperer who has helped us tremendously!

Jami & Klaus Heidegger

To learn more about my unique process please review my training philosophy then Email me to make an appointment.
I look forward to helping you and your family think like a dog and behave like a master!

With love and kindness,

Please watch this brief video to see a sample of my training style.