My Dog Training Methods

Teka is AMAZING! She helps you understand how your dog thinks and only needs a couple of sessions to get your dog on the right track.

Barbara Bergstein

My degree is in animal psychology and my primary focus is working closely with the entire family in a private in-home training environment as I evaluate the emotional and psychological make-up of your pet.

I specialize in both Dog Obedience Training and Dog Behavior Modification Training, two methods which may look the same however the outcome and reward structure are very different.

Obedience training teaches a common language (Come, Sit, Down, Stay, Leave It, etc.) which enables owners and their pets to communicate. However, understanding commands means nothing if your dog is excited, fearful or aggressive because, just like in humans, emotions can override rational thinking. Which is why, my sessions also include Behavior Modification Training, which changes the way an animal thinks, understands and feels.
Teka's approach worked wonders !!!

Yelper S - New York City

We feel so grateful to have found Teka! We were feeling overwhelmed and she made us feel much more comfortable and confident. She had great ideas and has an amazing ability with animals.

Bonnie G - Culver City

I take pride in not only delivering effective training solutions, but that also in answering all your “Why, When, How, What if” questions.

I’ve owned bully breeds all my life and I work with any age and dog breed, including Pit Bulls.
I was referred to Teka to help me train a rescued, deaf pit bull. Her insights about our dog's history were inspired. Teka's approach was insightful and results were immediate. I've worked with three dog trainers over the last 13 years. Teka is the best I have ever been exposed to.

Casimir W - Los Angeles

In just one or two sessions, my unique Obedience and Behavioral Modification program will teach you how to understand the thought process your pet experiences when learning new behavior. My methods are a simple, fun and effective solution that will enable you and your family to identify emotional triggers and understand how your pet’s mind works, resulting in a well-mannered, balanced and loving relationship.
Thank you Teka for helping us think like our dog Mango! He is so amazing since our time together. I can't believe it !!!!

Gina G - Santa Monica