Teka Unleashed - Dog Training Tips

August 12, 2019

Eyes Are The Window Of The Soul …

 I just LOVE observing and learning how animals cope in new surroundings …  And how different PREY animals are from PREDATORS …  It’s truly fascinating.   ________________ SHAPE of the EYE  Determines whether an animal is predominantly a predator or a prey …  PREDATORS have have eyes in the front to give them depth perception to track and pursue their prey. PREYS have eyes on the side, for greater peripheral vision to see predators approaching from the side as well as from behind.  _________________ SHAPE of the PUPIL  Helps animals in their coping and survival skills  Horizontal-slit pupils are aligned […]
August 5, 2019

Bonding through Oxytocin, The Love Hormone.

Oxytocin is a hormone and a neurotransmitter that is associated, (among other things) with trust and relationship-building in both humans and animals.  Every time we gaze lovingly at our pets, cuddle, stroke, talk or even play with them, their oxytocin level goes up and so does ours. It is a cellular reaction that stimulates bonding and trust.  To understanding how important human interaction is to animals, I encourage you to use the techniques I describe below to gain the trust and understanding of your pet. For example, when we approach a fearful/skittish dog, no matter how great our intentions are, […]