Teka Unleashed - Dog Training Tips

November 15, 2019

Dogs Are Our Best Mentors 🐶

DOGS are always giving us constant feedback, meaning … if how we’re communicating is working, because they do not rationalize, reason, or obsess. They react and run on instinct. Just like us, they perceive and react to their environment … but also, interact with one another by experiencing different emotions when reading body language and mannerisms of each other. That’s why one of my passions is an ORGANIC APPROACH in TRAINING that helps you to: READ movement, gestures and mannerism. COMMUNICATE through body language. CONNECT mentally by giving cues on how to behave within a pack. ORGANIC TRAINING is learning […]
June 22, 2019

Summertime Hiking Tips

Since it’s summer a lot of you will be spending time outside enjoying nature with your pet.  In my next few posts, I’m going to be writing about how to protect your dog from snakes.  Being outdoors is a great bonding experience … we just need to take few precautions to stay safe. BE ALERT — Always keep your dog leashed on the trail and close to you. (In narrow trails, I always keep my dog (leashed) behind me — it gives me time to spot a snake before she does.)   Please do NOT rely on Rattlesnake Vaccines!!!  Yes, […]