Meet Teka

Teka-Photo-7Hi! My name is Teka.

I’m a Brazilian born animal behaviorist and member of APDT. I’ve been practicing in the United States, for over 25 years. I’m also the proud parent of two rescued pit bulls, Kallie and Ka Nui, two wonderful cats Leia and Sammie, and a beautiful, intelligent conure parrot named Louie.

My degree is in psychology and my primary focus is the emotional aspects of your pet. By working closely with animals and their owners, typically in an in-home environment, I teach people how to understand the thought process their pets experience when learning new behavior. Fundamentally, it comes down to understanding your animal’s emotional and psychological makeup.

Emotions are the driving force behind every behavior, so understanding how animals think and learn will enable you to communicate effectively with your pet. However, most people don’t know how to read their pet’s emotions and body language, therefore they often end up rewarding the very behavior they are trying to change.

My unique behavioral modification program will correct that. It’s a simple, fun, effective solution that will enable you to identify emotional triggers and understand how your pets mind works, resulting in a well-mannered, loving relationship.

In just one or two sessions, I will teach you how to think like a dog and behave like a master!