Teka-photo-6– BEST MONEY I HAVE EVER SPENT!!! I think EVERYONE with a dog should hire Teka because the insight she gives you is priceless.

Rebecca O, Los Angeles

– Thank you for helping us think like our Dog Mango! He is so amazing since our time together. I can’t believe it !!!!

Gina G, Santa Monica

– Teka is a Life-Saver. We have sent NUMEROUS dogs to Teka for training and ALL have changed for the better – RIGHT AWAY. Why? Because Teka immediately & instinctively identifies the issue, and while she hones in on the resolution, she is also brilliantly educating the humans involved.

JF P, Los Angeles

– I couldn’t be happier with the outcome after just 1 session with Teka.

Rebecca D, Los Angeles

– Teka’s approach worked wonders!!!

Yelper S, New York City

– Teka is amazing. We have used her services with three different dogs. Within 2 hours she taught us tips and tricks that have changed our relationship with our dogs.

Michelle W, Pasadena

– Her expertise in dog behavior surpasses almost any trainer I know and she has an incredible ability to connect with people so that they can become better handlers. From separation anxiety, dog aggression, food aggression, leash walking issues, pack dynamics… even working with blind or deaf dogs, Teka’s skills are remarkable.

Bell H, Los Angeles